The Big Winner at the Oscars is Samsung


It turns out that the big winner at the Oscars was Samsung. I bet you thought we were going to say Dallas Buyers Club (Both Leto and McConaughey won for their roles) didn’t you? Nope. Forget Angelina, Brad and Meryl – because it was Samsung who was the big winner at the 86th Academy Awards. And that is because the consumer electronics giant took over the backstage, as well as the main stage.

In fact, host Ellen DeGeneres trotted around the audience with her Samsung Note 3 in hand, as she used it to take celebrity filled selfies with anyone willing to pose with the painfully adorable host. And by now, you must know about the selfie tweet seen around the world. As a matter of fact, it might have broke Twitter at one point during the night. So, if you are planning on stuffing that many celebrities into one awesome selfie, you better have a big-ass phone to do it with.

In actuality it was Meryl Streep’s innocent and childlike comment about this being her first tweet which made us heart her even more than before.

But if you didn’t catch Samsung making its way around the Oscars auditorium, the company still made sure that you would catch their new commercial featuring all of their well known products. The commercial featured almost every noteworthy gadget Samsung has in their arsenal – from the Smartphone to the larger than life curved TV.

So if one thing is for sure, it’s that Samsung is making their presence very well known in 2014… and that is whether a certain company named after a fruit likes it or not.

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