Blueflame Power Bar Bluetooth Speaker Review

There are scores of portable bluetooth speakers to choose from, which means you can choose the one that’s perfect for you. A solid choice is the new Power Bar speaker from Blueflame. It’s not only a speaker, but also doubles as a portable charging station.

This speaker has a really big sound packed in a small space (6” x 2.5” x 1.5″). You get not just one speaker, but 2 plus a sub-woofer. There is definitely a difference between this speaker and some of the other smaller ones. Music sounds much richer and fuller. In addition to volume control on your device, you can also use the up/down volume buttons on the speaker itself.

Hands-free calling works well and you should have no problem carrying on a conversation. Using the Power Bar to charge your phone couldn’t be easier, just plug in the usb and turn on the switch. This will only work with devices needing 1A or less. Sorry no iPad charging.

Blueflame promises up to 9 hours of listening time, then about 3.5 hours to bring it back up to a full charge. Expect that to be reduced if you do plan to charge your phone during the day. It also has an easy to read LED indicator that shows charging, bluetooth connection, as well as tell you approximately how much of a charge is remaining.


We really like the Blueflame Power Bar. Its lightweight and sounds great, and the fact that it doubles as a battery pack is icing on the cake. Is it the best sounding portable bluetooth speaker out there? No. But it offers solid and powerful audio for its size. You can order one in 3 colors (Chalk White, Jet Black or Grape Blue) for $99.

The Good: Pretty big sound for its size. Doubles as battery pack.

The Bad: No iPad charging support. Uninspiring design.

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