Democracy DEG100B Bluetooth Speaker Review – Can a Revolving Speaker Rock?

Looking for a unique portable bluetooth speaker? The Democracy DEG100B is a cute lil’ speaker that swivels. Yes, you can rotate the speaker to aim in the direction you want. Whether that be straight up, to the side or towards you.

First and foremost of course is the sound, and the Democracy doesn’t disappoint. For such a small speaker (just a 3” cube), it has surprisingly great sound. It doesn’t have quite as much bass as some of the bigger speakers, but it’s respectable with its little 2” (50mm) driver inside.

It also doubles as a speakerphone for hands free calling at home or in the car. This feature works ok, although some callers said my voice was a bit faint and it seems to pick up ambient noise too well. So it may be best to use this speaker for calls in quieter areas.

The Democracy comes with a USB charging cable as well as a short audio cable which is attached to the base of the unit. This is great for attaching to an mp3 player without Bluetooth. But for those with Bluetooth, connection is quick and easy like it should be.

Battery life is claimed to be 8 hours of playback and that seems to be about right. The speaker also weighs in at just about 7.5 ounces. There is a power switch on the base, a volume control dial on the side and LED status indicator to show battery strength and bluetooth connection.


The Democracy DEG100B is a solid portable bluetooth speaker that offers good sound for the price. We really like the swivel feature which lets you aim the sound right you. And the price is much lower than many of the portable bluetooth speakers out there. You can pick one up at Amazon for $69.95.

Buy it!

The Good: Low Price. Small. Good sound.

The Bad: Speaker phone mic not the best.

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