Dyson Cool Fans Get 75% Quieter: Hands-On

Just in time for spring and warmer temperatures, the new and improved Dyson Cool Fans are ready to turn your sweltering nights into a cool tropic escape. We got a preview of the smaller of the Dyson Cool fans a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t quite ready to make its official debut. But with the release of the newest Dyson Cool fans, you’ll still get a collection of robust fans that are now 75% quieter than they were before. Seriously. At certain fan speeds, you can’t even tell it is on! When you crank the air speed up to 10, the fan sound does gradually get louder, but not as loud as the previous models. So the new Dyson Cool is quiet, blade-less, and it cools you down – we’ll take it!

We have been playing around with the smallest of the Dyson Cool Fans (AM06) in the new lineup, and as usual, it is an engineering masterpiece. It is light, lovely, and perfect for tabletop cooling in a home or office.

Equipped with an included remote control, you can control the Dyson Cool Fan from anywhere in the room. The fans in the Cool line getting the  ‘quiet’ upgrade are the AM06, AM07, and AM08. Prices start at  $300 and go as high as $450. And hey, we said it was quiet, but we didn’t say it was cheap! In any case, Dyson spent $65 million to develop the Dyson Cool fan range, and our perfect body temperature can’t thank them enough.

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