Expedia Home Page Gets a Redesign

expediaNot updating something since 2002 would be bad in any industry. But, when we’re talking websites, it’s a wonder that Expedia can still call itself the world’s leading online travel site with a design that’s been around before Facebook existed.

Well, that’s no longer the case. If you head to Expedia’s home page today, you’ll be greeted with something a lot more modern. The previous Expedia site looked, appropriately for 2002, like a cross between a Web 1.0 site and Yahoo. The new design is made for desktops and mobile devices alike, which means it’s much more streamlined. Instead of the information assault of the 2002 design, you get a nice, clean large field where you can search for flights, hotels, and car rentals, with a few location-specific top destinations and top deals on the bottom.

The site is much cleaner, and, more importantly, loads much faster than before. Still does the same thing, it’s just a lot nicer to look at. It also solved the most ridiculous part of the old design – the one section that everyone cares about, the search fields, actually takes up most of the home screen now, instead of being holed up in a little square off to the side. That’s what I call progress.

Expedia’s United States site has the new design now, with a global rollout coming later this year.


NEW Expedia Homepage for 2014
NEW Expedia Homepage for 2014


OLD_CURRENT Expedia Homepage
OLD Expedia Homepage

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