Will Gary Oldman’s Pensive Stares Lure You To the HTC One M8?

It’s been well-documented that HTC’s woes in the smartphone market have been more due to poor marketing than having subpar products. That’s a bummer – Apple and Samsung just have more in their war chest to fuel massive marketing blitzes, and honestly, has any company ever been better at marketing than Apple? It takes being good at both smartphones and getting people to buy smartphones to build a winner, and so far, HTC has only managed to nail down that first one.

I just, you know, I’m just not sure if Gary Oldman staring at you for a good 10-15 seconds is the way to go. Maybe. Maybe it is. Gary Oldman was Commissioner Gordon. That’s pretty cool. And it’s night, in the commercial. And raining. There’s a Batman vibe there. That’s progress? Maybe if they got the Batmobile in there somewhere, that would help a bunch.

In all seriousness, we have Gary Oldman telling us nothing about the HTC One M8, instead telling us to go ‘Ask the Internet’ about HTC phones. It must be said that the Internet at no point in its illustrious 20-year history has ever been a bastion of positivity. The Internet was made for angry people to vent about stuff anonymously and for other reasons I don’t need to explicitly state. You might find some nice people saying nice things about HTC somewhere, probably on HTC forums. You will also find about 379,685 people saying some variant of ‘lel HTC sux Apple 4 lyfe.’ Surely someone high up at HTC knows this.

But maybe HTC is trying to draw attention to the (much deserved) critical acclaim its phones have garnered over the last couple of years. That would be a really good idea. Somehow, I don’t think that idea is communicated through Gary Oldman’s glacial, hypnotic stare.

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