Getty to Start Allowing Images to Be Embedded for Free

gettyGetty Images has long been one of the central names in the stock photo business. Trouble was, you had to always pay a price to use those images, regardless of who you were. Not anymore, with Getty Images announcing that you can now embed their images in your posts, free of charge.

As long as you’re using a Getty photo for non-commercial purposes, you can now embed a photo from Getty Images in blog or social media posts or on websites. On the Getty Images website, you’ll find a new embed button underneath their photos, much like what YouTube has for videos, making it possible to easily embed images using HTML code.

Of course, Getty and their photographers benefit, too. Every embedded photo will be accompanied by a photo credit. If an embedded photo is clicked on, you’ll be whisked away to the Getty Images page from whence it came. Should you be interested in getting your hands on that image for commercial use, you can set about paying the licensing fees from there.


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