Inside the GM OnStar Infotainment Call Center

When you think of call centers, you probably don’t imagine a high-tech state of the art facility that looks like it’s straight out of a spy film. Which is why we were so surprised when we were given a tour of GM OnStar’s Infotainment call center in Austin, Texas. The Infotainment call center is where OnStar customers get directed when they need help with their infotainment system. That includes assistance with everything from using their GPS navigation system, to pairing the system with their smartphone.

The call center has been staffed with techies and geeks, and I’m sure a few ex-Apple store employees here and there. And to further make sure that the staff can properly focus on the issues at hand, the room has white noise turned on so that technicians can easily focus on the task at hand. There are also replicas of the dashboard and infotainment systems (center stacks) set up in the room so that support can more effectively assist drivers on the other end of the call. On display are Infotainment systems from the Cadillac to the Chevy Spark.

The call center is the busiest in the evening when people get off of work. And it turns out that pairing smartphones with the infotainment system is their most called in support issue. GM says that most of the time, it’s actually the phone at fault and not the infotainment system. But they aren’t going to turn away their customers and tell them to call the phone manufacturer instead. As a result, the call center keeps the most popular phones on handy so that they can help customers out even if it’s a phone issue and not a vehicle issue. OnStar can even tell if you’re driving while you’re trying to pair your phone, and they’ll offer to call you back later when you’re parked to help.

GM OnStar’s infotainment call center might be one of the most impressive call centers out there, but the pressure is on. With Chevy’s 4G LTE Connected Car release just a few months away, the Infotainment call center is likely to be busier than ever before.


Disclaimer: GM took care of all of our travel associated costs to Austin. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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