Could Flying Cars Become a Reality Soon?


The next big thing in engines might be on its way. If all goes well, it’ll be clean, cheap, efficient, and have the coolest, most futuristic name of any engine yet. It’s called Gravlet, and it’s an anti-gravity propulsion engine.

Researchers in the United Kingdom and Bulgaria are developing Gravlet for use in vehicles. The power source would still be electricity, like the hybrid cars of today, but propulsion would be achieved through the creation of gravity waves using that electrical power. No liquid fuel is used at any point, which means emissions coming from the engine itself would be virtually zero. It’s also very efficient, decreasing the amount of power needed to make the engine work compared to liquid fuel engines.


What separates Gravlet from what you see in electric cars today is that Gravlet is capable of powering flying vehicles, like drones or aircraft. Given the massive amounts of fuel needed to power the world’s airplanes, that’s a huge development. Unsurprisingly, it’s something the likes of Boeing has been developing, or so the rumor mill says.

The technology actually creates artificial gravity waves, so you can imagine what this could do to space travel over the long run. Not only could this technology someday be what propels spacecraft into orbit, it could also be the thing that creates artificial gravity once those spacecrafts leave the atmosphere. Who knows, maybe your Star Trek dreams aren’t quite out of reach just yet.

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