Gumdrop DropTech Color iPad Air Case Review

Sometimes you need a little extra protection for your iPad. Perhaps you are using it outdoors or you are worried about it slipping from your child’s hands. In either case, you’ll need a heavy duty case like the Gumdrop DropTech Color.

This case is very well built, with a rugged, tire tread pattern to improve your grip. The corners in particular are reinforced to give added shock absorption. Unfortunately, getting your iPad in and out of this is a bit tricky, but that is to be expected given the level of protection it provides.

Furthermore, this case offers more than just fall protection. All the ports and buttons are covered, except for the two cameras and the microphone. The screen has a thin, plastic cover that will help guard against scratches without taking too much away from the screen quality. If you want, it seems that the case can still be used without the screen protector in place.


The DropTech Color case is a rugged case that will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your iPad Air, rather than being worried about what might happen if it should fall in an unforgiving environment. It is currently available in 8 different colors and at $59.95 it’s cheaper than comparable tough cases.

Buy it!

The Good: Offers great protection. Pretty lightweight considering how tough it is. Good price. Lots of color choices. Includes display protection.

The Bad: Takes some time to insert and remove iPad. Pretty bulky.

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