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ICEdot Bracelet Isn’t a Fancy Fitness Tracker, But Could Save Your Life

Chances are you’re feeling pretty stir-crazy from being cooped up inside all winter. But, before you go out and go nuts once weather permits, check out the latest in personal safety tech. ICEdot is an emergency identification service featuring wearable devices that can transmit vital information to first responders and friends and family in case of an emergency.

ICEdot has a few products you can choose from to get started. There’s a wristband resembling one of those rubber charity bands, a crash detector, and a sticker pack. The latter might not sound inspiring, but bear with us. If you do sign up for ICEdot, you’ll create a profile for yourself, which will include any medical information you see fit to add, plus emergency contacts. That information will be tied to a PIN number that you’ll find on your ICEdot gear – including those stickers, which go great on car windows or bicycles. If you wish, you can have multiple PIN numbers attached to one unified account, too.


In practice, ICEdot helps first responders get information about you quickly in emergencies. By texting the PIN number to a phone number also specified on the ICEdot gear, first responders will get a text with your entire ICEdot profile, including what medical history you’ve chosen to store. If you have the crash detector, you have the option of having the device automatically notify your emergency contacts, along with GPS information.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is selling for $150, with the Band coming in at $20. A sticker pack will run you $20, and there are also little medallions that you can snap onto backpacks, which cost $20 for one pack. You can get all of those products, plus some extra merch not bearing PIN numbers, directly from ICEdot.

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