IPEVO AT-ST Articulating iPhone Stand is Not Sexy But Sure is Practical

iphone ipv

If you’re looking to create tutorial videos from the comfort of your own bedroom, there’s a new stand out that you might want to see. IPEVO took one of those jointed swivel lamps and made an iPhone case out of it, and it’s perfect for hands-free video capture.

The arm on the stand has three joints with durable hinges, so you can get your device in just the right position for filming. As you’re filming your tutorial, be it drawing or crafting, you can easily readjust the stand on the fly. The base is weighted so that the whole apparatus won’t tip over if you extend the arm out as far as you can, and the device clamp is padded, so it won’t harm your phone.

If you like to create tutorials, this is a lot better than having someone else hold the camera – no shakes. This way, you get stable, consistent video that you can adjust quickly, so you don’t need to do a lot of editing to your tutorial videos later. The IPEVO AT-ST Articulating Video Stand is selling for a little under $70, and comes in black or white.

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