Jake Johnson Helps Stella Artois Make the PerfectDraft


If you’re going to do the in-home bar thing, you might as well go all out. Stella Artois is making that possible with PerfectDraft, a way for in-home bar owners to get Stella on tap in their own homes.

Stella Artois started their world in-home bar beer tour at Lafayette Townhouse in SoHo, introducing New York to PerfectDraft. PerfectDraft is a countertop draft system that will make in-home bars seem more bar-like. If the purpose of an in-home bar is to nail down the feeling of being in a real bar, things like PerfectDraft are musts, and according to Stella, there’s a lot of interest these days.


Jake Johnson of New Girl is a man after Stella Artois’ heart – an in-home bar enthusiast in his own right. He hosted the event in New York, which included instructions on the all-important nine-step pouring process for Stella that results in optimal beer. Allaine Schaiko, a World Draught Master, was also on hand to impart his wealth of knowledge on the in-home bar faithful, I guess because it would hurt his heart to see bad in-home bar attempts.

Point is, everyone involved is working hard to make sure everyone gets their drink on in appropriate style. They’re fighting the good fight.

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