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Kelly Moore’s Libby is the Hautest DSLR Bag


Kelly Moore’s Libby is so much more than just a camera bag! Are you looking for a DSLR bag, that doesn’t “look” like a camera bag? Look no further! The Libby from Kelly Moore is just what you’re looking for.

The great thing about DSLR bags is that they are designed for photographers to carry cameras, lenses, etc., in an orderly way. The problem is that tradiotionally they don’t usually have much style. But with the Libby you get a seriously stylish bag that is also we’ll designed to carry your camera lenses and so much more.

Rather than the boring canvas of your typical camera bag, Libby is made of water resistant, good-looking, man-made materials which seem very durable. The material is accented with antiqued brass hardware that gives it a classy, rugged look.

The Libby has 6 pockets of various sizes on the outside as well as 8 padded, Velcro dividers that will give up to 8 adjustable compartments on the inside. You will easily have room for your camera, a few lenses, an iPad, a 15” laptop, and still have room for more. What’s great is that although you can pack a lot into this bag, it stays organized. You can find just what you need without having to dig or worse, and dump it all out on the bed.

One more note about the padded dividers inside the bag – and that is that there is a long, narrow piece, that at first glance may seem to be an odd addition. But it is in fact a very clever way to divide off the lower contents of the bag with upper. For example, you may have your camera, tech, etc., carefully placed in the sections down below. Then after placing the vertical divider you can then place your clothes, etc., on the top. This also can stop prying eyes from seeing what goodies you may have hidden in there.


All in all, Kelly Moore’s Libby is pretty much the hautest DSLR Bag we have come across yet. It screams fashionista while also being very practical and well made. To that effect, even if you aren’t a photographer carrying around a DSLR and lenses, you may still love this bag for travel. It can be great for your various tech items as well as clothes and toiletries. The bag is currently available in four colors (Carmel, Lavender, Green and Sapphire) with three more colors to be available again by May (Orange, Black Grey). The price, while on the high side for a non-leather bag, isn’t too bad for the overall quality and convenience that you get. You can order one now for $249 from CareerBags with free shipping.

Buy it!

The Good: Tons of compartments and space which are easy to keep organized., very contemporary and stylish design, lots of color choices, great quality

The Bad: Price is a bit on the high side for faux leather, bag is a bit heavy

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