Move Over Lil Bub, Jarvis is Ready For His 15 Minutes of Fame

article-2579027-1C379FF600000578-374_634x433Fame is fleeting in the feline world. The sour visage of Grumpy Cat recedes, and the world grows weary of the perpetual perkiness of Lil Bub. We need a new kitty hero for a new year. A new way of looking at things. In short, we need Jarvis P. Weasley.

Jarvis, the cross-eyed Siamese cat, even has an inspirational story behind him – abandoned and left for dead on the streets of Oakland, he survived and was rescued by Oakland Animal Services before being taken in by cat lover Daria Kelly, who volunteers with Saving Grace Rescue. She was the one who gave him his complete, proper name, inspired by rocker Jarvis Cocker and Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. I don’t know where the P came from, but it seems to flow well, so I’m not going to question it. The cross-eyed kitty is now permanently in the care of Daria, and is getting a reputation for being cute, cuddly, and joyful.

So, yeah, another anti-Grumpy Cat. But, in dour times such as these, perhaps a cross-eyed, blissful Siamese cat named after a rock star and a boy wizard is just what we need.

Via Daily Mail