How to Use LinkedIn’s Mobile Apps to Find a Job

If you’re job hunting, you already know how time-consuming it can be. Between scanning job postings, emailing resumes and cover letters and staying in touch with key figures in your industry, it can become a full time job of its own.

That’s where social media and mobile can help. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already active on social media. You’ve got a LinkedIn profile, (you do, don’t you?) you share updates on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ve got all the top job sites bookmarked on your computer. Now add in the immediacy of mobile, and you’ll be well on your way to scoring that next job.

Immediacy Is Key

When you see a job posting for a position you know you’d rock, don’t bookmark the page and wait until you get home and possibly forget to apply for it. Do it now. No, not on your desktop at work, or using your current employer’s computer. Instead on your lunch break take out your mobile device and apply using LinkedIn’s mobile app. In fact, you’d be quite trendy. Krista Canfield, senior manager of corporate communications and Mobile PR lead for LinkedIn, says their numbers show 41% of current traffic is coming from mobile and that’s only going to grow.

Mobile isn’t just about checking your Twitter feed and emails. It’s about being connected to the information you need and want to share. Numerous studies show it’s important to apply for a job in the first 72 hours after it’s been posted online. Recruiters and hiring managers get bombarded with applications and things can move quickly. You want yours to be among the first they read.


Keep Your Profile Up To Date

To take advantage of applying for jobs on a mobile device, make sure your online profile is up to date and ready for prime time. Check that your work history and experience is complete and that there are no type-o’s. Canfield says no matter how you respond to a job posting, pay attention to detail.

By the way, the best time to work on your LinkedIn profile is when you have a job, not when you’re out of work or desperately seeking a new position. Canfield says it’s important to maintain or rekindle relationships with people in your industry, and stay top of mind by occasionally commenting on a post or sharing an interesting news story. This way your connections are made and available when you really need them.

Use Your Social Media Profiles to Your Advantage

A recent study by jobvite.com claims “anyone not leveraging social referrals is behind the curve.” The site found 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts, and 70% of recruiters actually made a hire through social media. What does this mean for you? First of all you should go through all your social profiles and make sure they reflect an image you would be proud for a recruiter to see. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the recruiters social networks of choice, you should probably check your YouTube channel, your Instagram profile and your Tumblr as well.

I know, you’ve heard it before, but delete, or mark as private all the photos of you drinking in college, enjoying a very happy hour, and anything else that doesn’t represent the “professional you.”

Recruiters are Mobile Too

I always thought it was important, when given the choice, to take the time to construct a well-crafted cover letter to go with each application. So when I heard you could apply for a position simply by clicking the word “apply” on your phone I wondered if perhaps this was too informal for reaching out to a potential employer. The answer is no, it’s not. You’re doing everything on mobile these days, and recruiters are too. In fact, Canfield reminded me, LinkedIn launched a mobile app specifically for recruiters late last year. Recruiters say it’s absolutely okay to apply for a position this way, but remember since you’re using mobile, to be short and succinct.

Recruiters are no longer sitting at a desk in an office chatting on the phone; they’re scanning social media and LinkedIn profiles and actively seeking job candidates. You can bet they use their down time at the airport waiting for a plane to scroll through resumes on their mobile device. You want your profile to be complete so a recruiter doesn’t have to go searching for information and details.

Use Your Down Time Wisely

Turn your down time into productive time by scrolling through job postings on your phone instead of playing Flappy Birds. If you click on “Jobs” in the LinkedIn app, you’ll get a list of jobs recommended for you based on your profile. You can quickly scan these positions, and if anything appeals to you, click on it to read more. From here you can apply for the job using your profile, or LinkedIn gives you the option to “save the job” for later. Perhaps you want to do some more research and see if you know anyone at that company or tweak your profile to more accurately reflect your abilities for that particular position. Saving the job for later simply means you can go back to it and see it on a desktop or mobile device when you have more time.

If you click on the name of the company you’ll be able to read more about who they are and what they do, as well as see how you’re connected to that company. Click on those connections to see who you know who could possibly recommend you or provide some inside scoop on the position. Click on a person’s name to send them a message directly from the app.

This is also a great time to brush up on LinkedIn etiquette but that’s a whole other story.


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