Snow Just Got Schooled by the Madshus Smart Ski


In all things, the ticket to excelling is refinement. It’s about getting the little details perfect, getting slight edges over others who are more or less just as skilled as you are. So it goes with skiing, and now, refinement is being offered in more depth than ever before.

Madshus, a ski company from Norway, has developed the eMpower program, designed to match skis to exactly the right body type of skier. Madshus will begin inserting small NFC chips into their skis during production. During that time, the chip will be loaded up with tons of specific information about that individual set of skis – flex profile, target skier weight, optimal waxing properties, and camber profile. All of that can be accessed easily by Madshus employees, so they can quickly and efficiently find the perfect set of skis for any customer.

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The benefits of the eMpower program continue once the skier leaves the shop. Using the MyMadshus app, skiers can continue to monitor their skis by checking up on production data and logging workout information and waxing history for each set of skis. For the consummate skier (hey, there’s a reason this is coming out of Norway), it sounds like a must.

Madshus skis outfitted with chips from the eMpower program won’t be available until around late summer or early fall – just in time for snow season to begin again. The MyMadshus app will also be released around that time.


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