Leef Access is a Micro SD Card Reader for Android Phones

leefMost Android smartphones out there these days have a built-in Micro SD card reader built in. But some don’t! And that’s a bummer. Now, it’s less of a bummer, thanks to Leef and their new Access Micro SD card reader.

Access is a little dongle that plugs into your phone’s microUSB port. Just like that, you’ve got a Micro SD card reader on your phone. A lot of lower end phones don’t have a reader built in, and a lot of lower end phones don’t have a whole lot of internal storage to begin with. So, if you’re getting frustrated by running out of space on your phone, and you don’t have the cash to throw down for a better one, Access isn’t a bad stopgap.

Access is available for preorder on Leef now for an affordable $10. The next shipment is scheduled to go out on April 14.


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