Mindy Kaling Talks Fitbit and Mouth Puzzles

Mindy Kaling rocked SXSW with some revolutionary fitness ideas that, somehow, seem to fit right with the startup crowd hunkered down in Austin. She’s talking about mouth puzzles, and if this interview went off within earshot of a venture capitalist, well, you never know what the future will hold.

Our own Jennifer Jolly sat down with Kaling to talk tech and a very special kind of innovation. Despite giving herself a very specific B- for tech knowledge, she knows her way around the gadget world enough to use a Fitbit. A Fitbit that regrettably took a trip into the wash machine, but hey, that B- is there for a reason.

She also talked about her dream invention – her and her boss would like to see the mouth puzzle, which would be the antagonist of bowls of pretzels everywhere. A Rubik’s Cube for your mouth, because otherwise, bored mouths eat, and then you really start to regret that that Fitbit got thrown in the wash.