The 90’s Mixtape is Now an 8GB iPhone 5s Case


It’s amazing, as time marches on, we always seem to yearn for things from the past. Let’s take the mixtape for instance, the once treasured way of sharing your own personal collection of songs has now become a shareable playlist on a multitude of streaming music services.

But that doesn’t mean what was old, can’t become new again. And that is just what is happening with this retro designed mixtape for iPhone 5 and 5s. Not only is it styled to look like one of those classic cassette tapes from days gone by, but it also has a slot that houses an 8GB USB drive. The drive is thinly designed to slip that lover of yours some fine tunes – or an excel document. Hey, whatever turns you on.


The case is available in 4 retro fun colors and designs that breathe new life into that old school mixtape.

So if everyone is giving mustaches a go again, certainly we can lend a hand to a reinvented classic from the past. The USB Mixtape Case for iPhone 5/5s is available now and retails for $32.75. And hey, we said it was retro, but not cheap.