Modify Watches are Mod-to-Order Custom Watches

photo (5)Why have a smartwatch when you can have a watch with your cat riding a unicorn on the face? You can have that, or whatever else your imagination can will into existence, if the Mod-to-Order Kickstarter finds success.

Modify Watches has been turning out modular watches for the last few years – watch faces that can be mixed and matched with different rubberized bands easily. It’s a perfect set-up for custom watches – cheap and physically customizable. Problem was, Modify Watches was outsourcing production, which made one-off custom watch creation impossible. Instead, they would accept designs from their fans, then put the best up for a popular vote.

The Kickstarter is aimed at bringing production to the United States. If that happens, Modify Watches will be making truly custom watches – Mod-to-Order. You’ll be able to submit your own design, which will be printed on the faceplate and mailed to you, in a process that Modify Watches expects to take about 20 days in all.

A $59 contribution on Kickstarter will get you a Mod-to-Order watch with your own design, if the project meets its funding goals. A $95 contribution will get you either an MLB or MLS licensed design on your watch, featuring your favorite team.

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