OneNote for Mac is Here and it’s Free

onenoteMicrosoft has been making a pretty big push to make their software services more competitive, which is a must for them – if they can’t hack it in hardware, they might as well get their roots in other devices. We saw this a lot with Office 365, and now we’re seeing it specifically with OneNote, which helps you jot down and organize those random flashes of inspiration that pop into your head uninvited.

Most importantly, OneNote is now available pretty much everywhere – in addition to Windows, iOS, and Android devices, OneNote is now available for Mac. That’s key – OneNote heavily relies on syncing notes on all devices using the cloud. If you can’t get your notes on one or more of your devices, that puts a pretty big damper on usefulness.

Following the theme of accessibility, Microsoft is also making OneNote free on all of those platforms, although there will still be premium features that you can pay for. But, OneNote isn’t just getting a boost in hardware compatibility – the new OneNote API will allow OneNote integration with a number of third party apps – eventually, you’ll be able to save web pages to OneNote or scan documents and save them directly to your account, without needing to use the OneNote app itself.

As of yesterday, OneNote is available for Mac, and is free on all platforms.

Via Office Blogs

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