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Roy Choi Dons Google Glass For Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Feast


Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Here’s some Korean food.

OK, Kogi isn’t totally Korean food – it’s more about fusion, with a little Korean thrown in to some excellent burritos. Kogi, one of the essential food trucks of Los Angeles, is headed by Roy Choi, who just so happens to be a Google Glass Explorer. For St. Patrick’s Day, he’s serving up a new burrito and a pretty interesting use for Google Glass.

The East Los Leprechaun Burrito is loaded with minced beef, potatoes (mandatory), bananas (alright, I’ll go with it), and a little green sauce on top for the occasion. It looks delicious, and Choi takes you through the process of inspiration to creation through Google Glass. But, that’s not the intriguing part – what he does there you can do easily enough on a tablet or smartphone. The cool part is watching him actually make the burrito. For those who love digging up recipes online, a first-person video of the making of the dish would be a huge help, especially for beginners who aren’t quite sure they’re getting their cooking techniques right.

So, for all the knocks on Google Glass, maybe there’s hope for it after all. Or not. That’s by the by. For now, go out, down a Guinness, spell Paddy with d’s and not t’s, and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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