Samsung Giga Speaker is a ’90s Boombox on Steroids

Samsung had a lot of big TV announcements this week, but they aren’t just focusing on the visual side of things. Samsung’s packing a few punches in audio this year, none bigger than their appropriately-named GIGA speaker system.

Samsung has some speakers that are great when paired with the TV for some evening relaxation, but this isn’t one of them. The GIGA System is a throwback to classic ’90s boomboxes – loud, with thumping bass. And when I say loud, I mean real loud – 3,400 watt output, alongside dual 15” woofers. You won’t get the portability of a boombox, because the GIGA System is split into three parts – two speakers and a receiver – but you’ll definitely get the raw, party-starting power. Special features for DJs and flashy lighting effects round out the package, along with Bluetooth for wireless connectivity.

The GIGA System is being released in this form and another, less powerful form, which includes the receiver in one of the speaker units. They’ll both be available this spring, with the former costing $1,500 and the latter costing $1,300.

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