Samsung Hopes Milk Does a Body Good

I haven’t worked out why, exactly, Samsung’s new radio service is called Milk, but there it is. Samsung is coming out with its own take on radio, with over 200 genre and curated stations and a music library of over 13 million songs.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s nigh unthinkable that you don’t already use either a streaming radio or on-demand music service. So, why Milk? It’s not an on-demand service, but it is free, so that’s always nice. You’ll be able to choose between hundreds of radio stations, but those radio stations can be customized based on your tastes, with you in control. Milk has a dial interface that can be customized with the genres that you like — if the dial is pointing to rock, you can turn it to rap, electronic, or whatever you like for a change of pace.

If that’s not enough customization, there are a few slider bars under ‘Fine-tune station’ that also alter what music plays. You can weight the stations more or less in favor of your favorites, new music, and most popular music. You’ll get six song skips per hour and another little bonus for anyone tired of putting their name down on everything digital — no log-ins or setup necessary.

Milk is available for free on Google Play now. The description says that the service is free with no ads, marked by an asterisk saying that this is for a limited time only. It’s unclear whether that means there will be ads in the future or a subscription fee, or both, although a free, ad-supported service ultimately seems the most likely.

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