Samsung Drops Curved UHD TVs This Month, Partners with Fox for UHD Content

Samsung’s cavalcade of 4k UHD televisions, last seen at CES, are a little bit closer to being seen in your living room. Today, Samsung made an announcement about their new line of televisions, revealing new pricing and availability details.

The centerpiece of that CES showcase, the curved 105” UHD TV, is unfortunately still bereft of details. Samsung is only saying that it will be available in the second half of the year, with the price tag still a mystery. The smaller U9000 curved UHD televisions have the same Auto Depth Enhancer and PurColor technology as the larger 105” model does, and can also be wall-mounted. The 55” and 65” models will be available this month for $4,000 and $5,000, respectively, while the 78” model will come later this year for $8,000. The slightly downscaled (but still UHD) curved U8700 series will drop in late spring in 55” and 65” models, but we don’t know about pricing just yet. The flat screen U8550 UHD TVs will come in 50”, 55”, 60”, 65”, and 75” models – the 55” and 65” TVs will drop this month, with the rest coming in May. Price tags range from $3,000 to $6,000.

These are, needless to say, some of the finest televisions that will come to market this year. In addition to some ridiculous numbers (11 million pixels on that 105” TV!), the televisions are also compatible with Samsung’s UHD Evolution Kits, so you can buy a new kit and swap it out with the one on your television, instead of buying brand new sets or not staying up to date with ever-changing technology standards in the television market.

Samsung Partners with 20th Century Fox to Establish New UHD Content Ecosystem

But while Samsung’s new UHD 4k TVs are worth getting excited about – they’re the next step forward in high-resolution displays, and they’re powerful enough to create pretty impressive 3D effects without glasses. The only problem is, 4k TVs are a tough sell in the short term when there is very little in the way of 4k content available. That’s changing fast, but Samsung is trying to make it change even faster by working with 20th Century Fox.

Samsung is expanding their UHD offerings by cutting a deal with 20th Century Fox, which adds to deal they already had with Paramount. The way this partnership is going into effect is a little odd, though. Samsung will be offering a UHD Video Pack, which will contain 1 TB of movies, including Night at the MuseumThe Counselor, X-MenG.I. Joe: Retaliation, and World War Z, among others, for $300. It’s all UHD content, but I’m not sure that bulk entertainment purchasing is exactly what the market demands, especially for that price. Then again, if you have enough money to afford a UHD TV right now, $300 is like a drop in the bucket, anyway.

Samsung also announced that a similar UHD Video Pack will be released in the second half of this year, but we don’t yet know what that one will include.

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