Your Artwork Can Now Be Your Sound System


Finding a way to make your speakers fit in with whatever design scheme you’ve got going on doesn’t always end well. It’s no wonder that so many speakers, instead of trying to blaze their own stylish trail, try to be as sleek, small, and unnoticeable as possible. Soundwall takes a different approach – tucking away your sound system inside any piece of art you choose.

Soundwall is a sound system hidden in a print over a foam core that helps with sound distribution. You can choose from a wide range of artwork on the site, or upload your image – either way, you’re going to get something tailor-made to fit in with the aesthetics of your place. To get the music started, you can either use AirPlay with an Apple device or the UPnP protocol with an Android device. The sound itself is produced by a Distributed Mode speaker system backed up by a 100-watt amp, so you won’t get cheap sound – this is a genuinely solid speaker system, not just a gimmick.


You can get Soundwall in five different sizes, ranging from 24 x 36” to 40 x 60”. You can opt for the cheaper route, and supply your own image, but Soundwall has partnered up with several talented artists to create pieces of art that are outstanding in their own right. You’ll have to pay a pretty big premium for those, but hey, at least you’ll be getting first-rate art and first-rate audio all in one package.

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