LoVe Was in the Air at SXSW Veronica Mars Movie Premiere

Image Credit: Veronica Mars Instagram

$5.7 million dollars later; the Veronica Mars movie has premiered almost a month to the date that the record breaking Kickstarter project began. Marshmallows who were lucky enough to be attending SXSW in Austin this week – were amongst the first to watch the premiere of the Veronica Mars movie. It has been a long time coming, but finally that day has arrived, and the movie my friends, was beyond worth the wait. It is true that the film has been peppered with fun Veronica Mars easter eggs from the original series. I mean come on! Fans of the show did make this happen. However, there is enough meat in the film to keep even newcomers engaged.


The movie opens with Veronica on her way to landing a cushy position at a top notch law firm in New York City. Veronica has moved past her ‘teenage detective’ days and is now a full fledged adult in a relationship with Piz, and looking forward to a future that is pretty ordinary. Her sass and charm are still very present, but her desire for helping the helpless has taken a back seat, due to all the pain it caused to the people she loved most.

Just when she thought she was going to carry on in her Veronica-bot new life, former beaux Logan re-enters the picture, in desperate need for someone to help him out of his latest predicament. His girlfriend has been murdered, and all signs point to Logan as being the murderer.

Veronica slips back into her ‘bad’ habits. Her bad habit, being her unrequited love for Logan, and her love of solving crimes in her own badass sort of way. Why couldn’t she just be happy with the life she had created for herself over the last 9 years? Well she can’t, because that’s not what addicts do; Veronica tells the audience in voiceover. They keep going back because there is something that drives them to keep getting that high – that fix. Solving crimes just happens to be her addiction that she can’t shake.

Kristen Bell wears her character like an old pair of jeans. Thankfully, her roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or House of Lies haven’t affected her portrayal of our favorite Neptune blond. That said, some moments of the film feel a bit stilted, but overall, time has only made this ensemble cast, with Bell at the helm, even stronger. Jason Dohring’s brooding is still king and when he looks at Bell’s Veronica, the screen just melts. That kind of chemistry doesn’t come around often and even after several years apart, both characters long for each other in such a way that Piz honestly never stood a chance.

Logan Echolls, the perennially bad-boy has also grown as a character, and fans of the show will probably be surprised with his career choice. But in a way, it is actually perfect and yet ironic. This is a new Logan, a better Logan. Surprisingly, Krysten Ritter’s Gia Goodman plays a pivotal role in the mystery plot. Something we didn’t expect to see but were pleasantly surprised.

The movie has it all, action, romance, humor, loving fathers, and even bad Karaoke. Really, what more could you ask for? The movie, despite its shoestring budget, never felt like you were watching the Blair Witch Project. This was a polished production that still retained its noir cinematic qualities. For fans, it seems like the show never left our TV’s all those years ago. For newcomers, you’ll be entertained with a well rounded story that has unique characters, and at its core a strong, no-holds barred, female character who happens to know her way around a Taser.