Test Driving Chevy’s 4G LTE Connected Car

Chevy’s 4G LTE connected car made a splash at CES. That is because their new connected car technology transforms your car into a giant hotspot that can connect up to 7 devices at one time. As a matter of fact, thanks to a stronger antennae, the connected 4G LTE cars from Chevy offer better connectivity than your average smartphone hotspot.

Pricing has not yet been announced yet for the connected car, but Chevrolet says that there will be different options available, and that AT&T customers will be able to take advantage of their shared data plans to use with their connected vehicle.

These connected cars are also running Chevrolet’s new App Shop which will lets you download and update apps on your infotainment system, over the car’s 4G LTE data connection. No smartphone required! Chevy is dedicated to this new App Shop and has opened up their API system for developers to take advantage of, and they are encouraging developers to jump on board. The company promises to help guide them through the process too. At SXSW the company is also offering free developer workshops on the show floor. Already, top notch apps like Beats and the Glympse app have been confirmed to be available in the connected car.

There is also plenty of buzz surrounding the fact that you’ll be able to use a wearable, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, to remotely start the car with the OnStar app.

Check out the video above for a hands on preview inside the 2015 connected Chevy Impala. And fortunately, you won’t have to wait too long for these cars to hit the road – 4G LTE Connected cars will start arriving in Chevy’s fleet come summer.

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