Toy-Fi Teddy is Another Tech Savvy Bear

TOY-FI-TEDDY---CATALOGUE-SHOTCloud communication just got a lot sweeter with the Toy-Fi Teddy, a tech-savvy teddy bear that can help kids keep in touch with their parents over long distances.

Absence, they say, makes the heart grow fonder. So, kids and parents alike will probably be fond of Toy-Fi Teddy, a way for both to leave voice messages while one or the other is away. Parents can use an app on their mobile device to record a message, which will be uploaded to a cloud server. When the message is up, a little heart on the teddy will glow, letting kids know that there’s a message waiting for them. Kids can also use the teddy to record a message of their own in kind, which parents can listen to on the decidedly less adorable app.

For younger children, Toy-Fi Teddy looks to be a much more personable, warm way to communicate than just sending messages online. It’s never fun when kids and parents are separated by long distances, but it looks like this teddy bear can make things a little easier on everyone’s hearts.

Toy-Fi Teddy is 12” tall, and the app will be available for both iOS and Android. You can expect to see it go on sale in the middle of the year for about $30.

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