USB Cord is All Fish and Bones


We can only hope that this is in no way related to the coming out party of Hello Kitty’s new, fishy friend. Fresh (or not so fresh) from Japan comes a long Micro USB charging cable disguised as a fish skeleton.

The Na-cord USB cord must have come from easy prey in the briny depths – it’s just 12.5”, so you won’t have an eely skeleton languishing all over your desk. That’s OK, you can regain some of the creepy factor with the light-up eyes on the head that go off whenever you’re charging a device. The cold, dead eyes of electrical conductivity live on, even in death. Maybe this thing came from an eel, after all.


You can get the Na-cord USB cord in black, ivory, or pink from Japan Trend Shop for $40, plus $12 for shipping.

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