This iPhone Case Might Just Save Your Life


Given how expensive it can be to have even the most basic tests done at the doctor’s office, it’s always nice to see new ways to knock the basics out on your own. Few have made that work as simply and comprehensively as Wello, a new smartphone case that contains some pretty sophisticated sensors.

This isn’t another sort of fitness tracker device – Wello focuses more on your vitals, letting you know whether or not something serious might be off in your body. The case has a couple of sensors on the back and a couple more on one of the sides that you can place your fingers on, while holding your phone kind of like you’re going to take a picture. Touching those sensors will give you your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, respiration, heart rate variability (which can be a stress indicator), an ECG readout, and your temperature. An included spirometer can be attached to the case, giving you information about your lung capacity and air flow. The spirometer and ECG information in particular can save you a lot of money over going to see a doctor just to get the tests done. It’s great for preventative care and self-monitoring, so you can figure out when you might need to go to the doctor before things get out of hand.

The case uses low-energy Bluetooth to transmit all of that data to your smartphone, which you can access using the Wello app. The Wello app can also sync with fitness trackers, so your health and fitness information can all be amassed in one place for you to track.

As of now, it looks like Wello will be available as an iPhone 5/5S case. Wello should be available sometime this Fall for $200.