Williams-Sonoma Just Gave the Cooler a Much Needed Upgrade

williams-sonomaThe cooler is, granted, not the most attractive piece of backyard furniture. Fortunately, Williams-Sonoma now has its own cooler for sale, and it’s a natural law that Williams-Sonoma can’t carry anything unattractive.

The cooler in question is tucked away inside an elegant red cedar chest, which is protected at least nominally from the elements by a natural oil finish. It’s also pretty nice that the cooler is raised on legs, so you don’t need to bend down to access the riches tucked away inside the greatest of treasure chests. There’s also a bottle opener attached, for the purposes of enjoying said riches.

There is a regular old plastic cooler inside, though, which means you can remove it for easy cleaning, because you probably don’t want that wood to get too wet. Besides, you’ll want to protect that wood as much as possible, because you can get it personalized – up to 15 characters can be etched on the front.

The Red Cedar Wood Cooler costs $400, with an extra $50 added on for personalization.

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