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XCom Global Wireless Review 2014 – International Mobile Hotspot Rental now with 4G

photo (3)A few years ago we reviewed XCom Global. XCom provides international mobile hotspot rentals for travelers. The company offers hotspot rentals in over 175 countries. You get unlimited data for a reasonable flat rate of $14.95. This is a necessity for travelers, especially since so many hotels overseas charge for Wifi internet access or don’t offer wi-fi at all.

XCom Global will ship the mobile hotspot to you in advance of your trip. Our package included a charger, extra battery, carrying case and instructions for how to use the hotspot. They also include a return shipping label.

But since we last tested XCom Global, XCom has introduced a 4G mobile hotspot that can take advantage of 4G in select countries. We tested the hotspot out in Barcelona while attending Mobile World Congress. Unfortunately, we saw speeds of 4.93Mbps down and 0.83Mbps up with the ZTE modem that XCom provided us, and these are just 3G speeds. So needless to say, we were not able to test out 4G speeds with XCom Global.


XCom Global is as reliable as it was when we tried it out a few years back, but now it’s even better with support for 4G and a great flat rate plan. To that effect, they charge just $14.95 per day for coverage throughout 40 countries in Europe. But if you’re planning on traveling beyond Europe, the price goes up when traveling to more than two countries. The fact that they offer support for internet access in over 175 countries, is also pretty amazing.

Overall, XCom Global continues to offer a reliable mobile hotspot (or USB stick) rental service for travelers and we highly recommend them for shorter trips. That said, if you plan on being in Europe or Australia for a longer period of time, we recommend checking out GlobalGig and their more affordable monthly plans. Unfortunately, GlobalGig currently does not offer support for 4G the way that XCom Global does, and they only offer coverage in 41 countries.

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