The Yoga Mat Just Got a Serious Upgrade with This Beautiful Tote

yoga Tote

Time for yoga class? Shame that carrying your yoga mat under your arm and living under the constant fear that you’re going to drop it and everyone will stare is such a harrowing experience. But! Good news is on the horizon. Agoya is here, and they have an elegant, fashionable way to transport your trusty yoga mat.

Agoya is releasing the Agoya Loop and Agoya Tote. The Agoya Loop is a hand-crafted strap that can be adjusted to fit your yoga mat and be carried like a messenger bag or as a handbag. The material used is non-slip, so even though your mat isn’t exactly fastened to or enclosed by the Loop, you won’t have to worry about it flying out.

yoga loop

The Agoya Tote is made out of similar non-slip material, but is a larger, black and red cradle for your yoga mat. It certainly looks distinctive, with more than a hint of East Asian design influence. And, there’s a lot going on with the Tote that you can’t see – an elastic strap inside gives your mat extra security, and there’s a hidden pocket big enough to hold your keys, phone, wallet, and even a towel.

The Agoya Loop and Agoya Tote are both hand-crafted products from Europe. The Loop costs €99 and comes in four colors, while the Tote costs €399.

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