Sorry Cannibas Lovers, the 420 Will Only Get You High on Sound

SP420_Lifestyle_iPad_11698_lo-600x400Easter wasn’t the only celebration going down on Sunday. This year, Easter fell on April 20, which happens to coincide with another high holiday.

So, we have a timely release from 420 Audio to commemorate the occasion, and, as befits the stoner holiday, we’re bringing it to you a couple days after the event itself. You also have to appreciate the effort that went into this being a weed-themed speaker – it’s, on the surface, just a standard portable Bluetooth speaker with a nice, big marijuana leaf slapped on top. But, there’s more – sound effects like a bong rip when you turn it on and a cough when you start the pairing process. All in all, perfect for anyone who’s ever toked up – which, according to the most recent statistics I’ve seen, is roughly half of you, so this speaker should be selling like hotcakes.

Battery life is about six hours, which 420 Audio helpfully points out will last you through all the bong rips that make up a proper session. There’s also an aux-in port, if you somehow have a non-Bluetooth music player or are too high to navigate the waters of Bluetooth pairing.

The High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is available now for $40. It ships in 1-2 days, or like, whenever, man.



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