5 Incredible Cases for the Galaxy S5

Well, April 11th has come and gone, and that means some of you have the Next Next Next Next Next Big Thing in your hands. You might even be reading this on it! But, chances are your precious new Galaxy S5 is badly unprotected at the moment – or worse, badly lacking in style. It’s OK – the case makers have long been ready for the arrival of Samsung’s new smartphone. There’s already a veritable sea of cases to swim through, but fortunately for you, we’ve already navigated those waters. Here are some of the top Galaxy S5 cases in the early going.

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Speck CandyShell Grip

A name you were probably expecting, at this point. Speck has perfected the two-layer case, with a hard exterior built to meet military grade drop standards and a soft, silicone interior for shock absorption. This Galaxy S5 case is a little different than the typical CandyShell case, though – instead of the smooth, glossy exterior we’re used to, this one is outfitted with rubber ridges for a better grip. The CandyShell Grip Galaxy S5 case is selling for $35, and comes in three colors. That is, unless you go to Target, which has two more color combinations as exclusives – nickel/pink and black/teal. We also recommend checking out Speck’s regular CandyShell cases for the S5 that offer similar protection and come in a choice of 5 colors.


Incipio DualPro

Here’s another dual-layer case. The DualPro, like the CandyShell line from Speck, has a tough exterior combined with a soft inner layer for shock absorption. You’ll be covered for drops either one, but the DualPro takes a different approach on grip. Instead of raised rubber ridges, it has a soft coating all over the case – probably more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. You also have more color options with the DualPro, along with a slightly cheaper price tag – $30.


TYLT’s ENERGI Sliding Power Case

Because you can never have enough power on the go, TYLT is introduced one of the first battery pack case for the GS5. The Energi Sliding Power Case Equipped with a removable 2,800mAh battery that doubles the GS5’s battery life, and it also features a protective TPE-lined inner case for enhanced drop protection. The case has also been designed to double as a standalone protective case. TYLT also designed the ENERGI Sliding Power Case to be compatible with the GS5’s new port cover, which is located on the bottom of the phone for protection from water and dust. The case retails for $79.99.


PureGear Folio

PureGear has made a sleek folio case for the Galaxy S5 that preserves your new phone’s slim profile. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean this case is lacking in usefulness. There are a few card/cash slots in the inner pocket, along with microfiber on the inside of the folio cover to better protect that shiny new HD display. The PureGear Folio only comes in black, so you can think of this one as the more professional choice. You can get it directly from PureGear for $40.


DracoDesign Supernova S5

Finally, we have the stylish choice. The Supernova S5 is about as minimalist as a case can be – in fact, it’s not exactly a case at all. It’s an aluminum bumper, raised up 1 mm over the screen to protect it from scratches, should you put your new phone down on a table screen side down. All told, the Supernova S5 only adds a scant few millimeters to the Galaxy S5’s frame all the way around, but you’ll still get some protection – the bumper is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so its toughness is not to be doubted. The Supernova S5 comes in five bold colors, and is shipping out for $80.

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