Your Khaleesi Dreams Have Come True with This $60,000 Fire Breathing Dragon

Dragon2Well, looks like Pleo the friendly dinosaur can take a hike. Pleo, sadly, doesn’t breathe fire. Above dragon, in fact, does. And you can get it without walking into a funeral pyre! Bonus!

This dragon, which I guess would be Rhaegal if we’re going that route, is remote controlled, and can indeed fly. Fly at 70 miles per hour, in fact, which doesn’t even seem legal. Good thing dragons are above the law. But, the big thing is fire. Now, sadly, you can’t firebomb slave traders from the skies – fire-breathing is disabled while the dragon is airborne. But, when he’s landed, this dragon can (not kidding) light up the place with a 3 foot (!) pyro blast powered by propane. The Iron Throne is practically yours. Failing that, you can incinerate your neighbor’s overgrown shrubberies. You take victories where you can find them.

And, I have to add this little tidbit in, just because it seems too ridiculous to be true (but it apparently is). The body houses a turbine engine that is powered by a half gallon of jet aircraft fuel (!!!) for a flight of ten minutes. Kerosene also works, but I’m pretty sure you’d rather say you’re using jet aircraft fuel.

Grab some silver hair dye, find some handmaidens, and make Illyrio give you $60,000, because it looks like, indeed, your Khaleesi dreams have come true.

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