A&W’s Chicken Sandwich Hashtag is a Mouthful

A&W's Chicken SandwichA&W Restaurants has a problem. Their problem is that you probably forgot they still exist. Well, they do! See, their heyday was in the ’60s and ’70s, riding the Baby Boomer wave. Well, now they want to appeal to the kids of those Baby Boomers, and they’re doing it the same way many Baby Boomers try to fit in with popular trends – awkwardly.

They have a new sandwich called the Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Texas Toast Sandwich, which is a long name. So, they gave it a hashtag, which is also long. It’s in the picture, and I’m not going to put it in text here, because it’s just going to be unsightly. That hashtag is 304 characters long, which A&W has contacted Guinness about, because you know that was a hot world record pursuit. Readers may notice that this hashtag is longer than the Twitter maximum. This is not lost on A&W, which has decided to still use the hashtag to, I don’t know, be ironic or something. That’s what all those millennials do, right?

Actually, there’s more to the joke than that. The idea is that the A&W mascot, Rooty (who I definitely just found out about today), is, like many Baby Boomers, a bit confused by technology. He maybe does not have a good grasp on the hashtag. Fortunately, his technological struggles are our gain, as the hashtag is rich in information about this here chicken sandwich. Like, that it’s 100 percent white meat, and there’s something called Spicy Papa sauce (as opposed to Classic Papa), and it’s a limited time deal.

It looks like a decent enough sandwich, anyway. You’re probably going to have to use that newfangled gadget of yours to find the nearest A&W near you, though, because I’m guessing there’s just a handful of us who actually know where the nearest A&W is.

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