Blueflame Lightning Cable – Finally, a Reliable Third Party Cable

Lightning cables are still hit or miss these days. I’ve had more than a couple non-Apple lightning cables break on me. So far, the most durable of them all is Blueflame’s. The Blueflame lightning cable is ultra rugged. It’s a thick cable, that won’t easily tangle, and it’s braided in a few different color schemes. The durability and design is great, but the reason we really love the Blueflame lightning cable is it’s length; it’s 2 meters (6.6 feet).

When you put Blueflame’s lightning cable side-by-side with Apple’s, Apple’s look super frail, like it will break from touching it. The Blueflame cable is a beast. It’s thick and dense all around. It’s great that the cable is rigid since there’s 6.6 feet of it. Even with a cable that long, it’s still tangle resistant. Blueflame’s greatest quality is the connection between the cable and the plug. It’s reinforced and you can visibly see that it will not easily pull or fray at the connection point.

Since most of us get by with 1 meter cables, it may be difficult to realize the value in a longer cable. Mainly, you can worry less about finding the ideal place to plug it in. Even better, if I have my iPhone plugged in at my desk, I now have a lot of slack and leeway to use my phone without pulling the cable from the wall.

The Blueflame lightning cable works exactly the same as Apple’s. It’s certified so there’s no annoying incompatibility messages. It charges and syncs devices just as fast. The only real difference is since it’s tougher than most cables, it has a thicker plug. This means it’s a little less compatible with all iPhone cases.

If you’ve never checked out blueflamegear.com, then do yourself a favor and check it out. Their cables alone are really neat. If you’re not impressed with their braided cables, you can check out their coiled cables (lightning included). The 2M lighting cable comes in four colors and starts at $34.95. They also make an 8″ lightning cable for $24.99, and a coiled lightning cable for $29.99. This is only a bit pricey for lightning cables. We’ve learned with these cables: what you pay is what you get.

The Good: Durable, Tangle-resistant, Long, Fun braided design, Different colors/styles available
The Bad: On the pricey side, Compatibility will vary with cases since the plug is thicker than average

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