What Would Your Mother Say! New Survey Reveals Women Like Traveling Alone


Sounds like more and more women are feeling better and better about traveling alone. At least, that’s what a survey commissioned by Booking.com says – and it suggests that mobile technology has a lot to do with it. According to the survey, 72 percent of United States women have traveled alone, the most out of a group of countries also including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany. A big part of that might be due to mobile technology being the ultimate helping hand in unknown lands, making sure you’re never away from an all-in-one map, translator, currency converter – you get the idea.

It also helps that women can now head off alone and still stay in touch with family and friends. The survey said that 58 percent of women felt safer traveling alone because of social media, while 60 percent used social media to stay in touch while abroad.

The survey found similar numbers for women who use smartphones while traveling to find places of interest, restaurants, and to update their social media accounts. It’s interesting to see how much easier mobile technology has made traveling.

The once daunting task of heading to countries with language barriers has been made much, much more accessible now that you have access to the entirety of the world’s knowledge in your pocket. It also helps to be able to find good deals and fun places while you’re on the go – and, to be honest, sometimes it’s just more fun to enjoy those places all by your lonesome – or, you know, with the occasional handsome stranger.

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