Bose Looks to Attract New Audience with Colorful Audio Collection

SoundTrue™ around-ear_headphonesBose is known for their audio products, but maybe not for making those products look super stylish. Well, it’s hard to play the headphone game these days without bringing style into the equation, so Bose is trying to mix it up a little. They have new on-ear headphones, around-ear headphones, and in-ear headphones that look a little bolder – at least for Bose.

The FreeStyle earphones and the SoundTrue headphones are both powered by Bose’s own audio technology – the TriPort acoustic headphone structure, which is said to provide balanced audio across all ranges, without the need for a bass booster. There are also some minor design bonuses in both – the earphones are moisture resistant, so they should stay in your ears reliably, while the headphones can be folded up for transport.

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The FreeStyle earphones come in indigo and ice blue, while both the on-ear and around-ear models of the SoundTrue headphones come in black, white, and mint. There are also two-tone styles (this is really pushing the boundaries for Bose) exclusive to each model – the on-ear headphones will get purple/mint, while the around-ear headphones will get black/mint. All of the above are available now – the FreeStyle earphones cost $130, while the on-ear and around-ear SoundTrue headphones both cost $180.

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