What Does Coding Have to do with Ryan Gosling?


Plenty! Or, nothing at all. Whatever. The presence of Ryan Gosling doesn’t require justification.

Code Made Cool is a new app from Victoria’s Secret model/app developer Lyndsey Scott that endeavors to teach coding to the uninitiated. It also solves the problem of how to get those who don’t know anything about coding interested, by offering sweet nothings from Ryan Gosling as reward for code done well. Of course, he will have to let you down if you mess up the coding process. Gently, of course.

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Gosling aside (sorry), Code Made Cool takes a smart approach to teaching coding to novices, initially presenting lines of code as puzzle pieces that fit together. It’s a great approach, because it teaches the underlying logic that underpins most programming languages – an essential starting point that will be handy should you graduate from the Ryan Gosling school of coding and move on to learning a few programming languages yourself.

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Or, you can enjoy putting some code together so you can make virtually kissing Gosling 10,000 times by using a looping command. Sounds like a solid outcome, either way.

You can find Code Made Cool for free on the iTunes App Store.

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