Grab the Crayons, All Your Celeb Girl Crushes are in this Coloring Book

Ready to take your girl crush to the next level? No, not that level. Please don’t do that. Instead, get Color Me Girl Crush. It is a coloring book, but it is so much more.

Color Me is actually a whole series of pop culture-infused coloring books from Mel Elliott, which includes what appears to be an entire coloring book devoted to Ryan Gosling. Anyway, the subject at hand, Color Me Girl Crush, covers pretty much all the bases when it comes to possible girl crushes – Rihanna, Lena Dunham, ’80s Madonna (distinction necessary), and a whole bunch of others, including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Michelle Obama.

But, as was foretold, this is no mere coloring book. Each girl crush has a different activity, like creating your own Lady Gaga-style dress and matching the characters of Girls to their typical get-ups. There’s also some roughly 8th grade level poetry extolling the virtues of Beyoncé, among others. Fun for the whole family.

Basically, get hyped. The book drops on June 3. Do try to contain your excitement until then.

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