Cosmetics Queen Bobbi Brown Joins Yahoo as Editor in Chief of Beauty

Yahoo keeps on adding to their dream team. After landing Katie Couric and getting former New York Times tech writer David Pogue to lead Yahoo Tech, Yahoo has secured Bobbi Brown as the new editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty.

Yahoo’s strategy of late seems to be turning their content into digital magazines, offering something for everyone. That’s how Yahoo Tech has been structured, and it looks like it might be the same with Yahoo Beauty. And, true to form, Yahoo has once again nailed the talent part of creating a successful magazine. Brown is best known for managing her own cosmetics company and being heavily involved in the fashion industry, doing makeup for New York Fashion Week, among scores of other gigs. So, Yahoo is getting someone who, to say the least, knows what she’s talking about.

Brown will start working for Yahoo on April 21, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be leaving the company she founded. She’ll still be fulfilling all her previous roles at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, so she’ll be pretty busy in the near future. I’m also guessing this means she’ll get an exemption from Yahoo’s no telecommuting, everyone in the office rule. Just a guess.

Via NY Daily News

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