Demron Bra Protects Women from Radiation

demronRonald DeMeo, a doctor-businessman out of Florida, is serious about radiation. His company, Radiation Shield Technologies, doesn’t feature the usual amount of hucksterism that we see from a lot of sources that try to wring profits out of specious radiation scares. Instead, it gets down to practicality. RST in the past has been responsible for full-body anti-radiation suits, 200 of which were donated to Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor meltdown. But, in 2014, DeMeo and RST are going from full-body suits to something just a little more revealing.

His company has created the Demron Bra, which packs in the same technology that went into those full-body suits. As you might imagine, these bras are meant to protect against much lower levels of radiation. DeMeo sees his new bra as being potentially helpful for nurses, technicians, and frequent travelers who often need to go through airport security. This kind of constant, low-level radiation is what the Demron Bra should stop from affecting the body.

DeMeo’s claims are also refreshingly modest in a market that often descends into snake oil territory. He makes no claims that the Demron Bra can prevent cancer – just that the anti-radiation technology works, and that, if nothing else, it certainly can’t hurt when it comes to your health. Either way, it’s not like you’ll be getting a clunky, uncomfortable bra – the Demron Bra has also been designed to be stylish, flexible, and light.

The Demron Bra is being sold now for $70.

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