Dropcam Adds Timelapse to Spice Up Home Surveillance


Dropcam has made its name as a simple, quality streaming home surveillance system. But that sounds so cold! Dropcam wants you to know that your spy cam can have a little fun, too, so they’ve introduced Timelapse.

Timelapse, which all users with Cloud Recording can access, can be found on the Dropcam web app. The creative process is done automatically – all you need to do is select a 24-hour span and choose between making a 30-second, 60-second, 90-second, or 120-second clip. Then, out comes a Timelapse – a flipbook-like rush through a day’s worth of footage. Especially creative people have already put the new feature to good use, with Timelapses showing the creation of a piece of sand art and flowers opening and closing over the course of a day. The former looks like it uses the Smart Timelapse option, which picks out and highlights moments when there is more movement than usual.

Timelapse is available now as a beta feature within the Dropcam web app. Once you’ve made one, you can instantly share it to Facebook or YouTube.

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