Next Gen Dyson Cool Fan is Quieter and Still Gorgeous: Review

Dyson, the brand known for its ‘powerful suction’ vacuums cleaners, is slowly becoming the company known for making sophisticated fans. While suction still plays a big role in the overall methodology of their fans, make no mistake, these fans are for design junkies with big wallets. That said, when Dyson unleashed their first blade-less fan a few years ago, many weren’t sure where this new direction for the company was going, in fact many didn’t realize that the traditional ‘fan’ was in desperate need of a technological makeover.

But Dyson, doing what Dyson does – took a mundane object and transformed it into a beautiful swan. The fan was going to have a renaissance thanks to the house of Dyson. However, even the most futuristic devices need improvement over time, and the next generation of blade-less fans have arrived with the new Dyson Cool range: the AM06, AM07, and AM08. The AM06, AM07, and AM08 have all retained their respective shapes and sizes, however, the biggest change of all is how much quieter they have all become.

Unlike the traditional fans, with their blades that tease your fingers as it spins round and round, the Dyson line of fans continues to bestow wind tunnels of magic without the finger cutting blades. The fans continue to look beautiful and are easily portable, especially the AM06 table top fan. The box it comes in is compact, and takes only matter of minutes to assemble. After the fan clicks into the place, you can pivot it back or forwards for the best possible airflow for your needs.

The design of the remote has stayed the same, and it magnetically connects to the top of the fan when placed for safe keeping. From the remote you can oscillate the fan and control how fast or slow you want it to work. And when they said quieter, Dyson was not kidding. The AM06 is a silent breath of fresh air, and as it cools you down, it doesn’t add additional noise to the room, but just the sweet cooling air created by the Air Multiplier technology. Even at higher speeds, the uptick of noise generated by the fan does get louder, but nothing in comparison to your traditional fan, or even the older version of the Dyson fans.


Do you have disposable income to drop $299 or more on a fan? Maybe you are getting a juicy tax return? Then I certainly recommended getting this fan before the REAL heat starts. For Dyson early adopters, the latest generation of fans will be a must have for the extra quiet experience alone. For those that have the previous generation of fans, then there really is no need to upgrade, unless you are being driven insane by the ‘fan noise’ – and I use that term loosely.

Overall, the AM06 is a beautifully crafted specimen that Dyson fanboys and girls will love. It works well, looks great, and it hardly makes a peep at lower speeds. Is this a must have? Probably not for everyone, but for those that are willing to splurge for even the smallest upgrade – any one of these handsome fans will do.
The next generation of Dyson Fans are now available and retail from $299 to $449 respectively.

Buy It!

The Good: Can a fan be sexy? It sure can! Now much quieter than it was before. Easy to clean. Easily portable. Looks great in any decor. Oh, and it keeps you cool.

The Bad: Pricey and except for the less noise, not an extreme upgrade – but that won’t stop Dyson fans from flocking to this new must have home appliance.

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