Fellowes AutoMax Makes Shredding Exciting Again – Part Deux

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Fellowes started the personal shredder game back in 1990, and they haven’t looked back since. With every major release, the company has upped the ante with features preventing paper jams, silencing operation noises, and protecting unwary hands from the business end of a shredder. Well, this year is no different – Fellowes is bringing something new to the table, and it might be their most exciting feature yet.

The Fellowes AutoMax line of shredders live up to their name, because they are the shredders of your dreams – the automatic kind. You’re finally free from manually feeding material into the shredder, AKA the most boring task ever. Instead, Fellowes has made something that looks part file cabinet, except once files go in, they don’t come out. Up top, there’s a drawer where you can toss just about anything – paper, discs, staples, paper clips, whatever other thin object you can find in the office. A paddle system inside will gently sweep the material onto a ramp, where it will be not gently shredded into 5/32” x 1-1/2” cross-cut particles. Thanks to a 20-gallon bin, you won’t need to empty it very often, either.

Fellowes Shredder 3 photo Fellowes-183_4x6_zps84f2f16f.jpg

The AutoMax series still has everything that made past Fellowes shredders great – silent operation, along with all those safety features and anti-jam technology. Being introduced this time around along with AutoMax’s hands-off approach to shredding is the SmartLock. For added security, the SmartLock will automatically lock the drawer during shredding, to make sure snoops don’t try to swoop in and glance at a few files while you leave the shredder alone to do its work in peace. That means that you can feel perfectly comfortable loading up an AutoMax shredder and going somewhere else, because you always have something better to do than shred files.

You can check out more information about the Fellowes AutoMax 500C and 300C shredders on Fellowes’ info page for the AutoMax line. And, why not? It’s the first time since shredding took off when you won’t have to actually park it in front of a shredder for a good half hour or more to get the job done. Shredding will now only take a few seconds of your time – the way it should be.

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