Ford Celebrates 50 Years of the Mustang

mustangNot content to just celebrate the 2015 Ford Mustang as the 50th anniversary showpiece, Ford is readying a special edition of their new Mustang for the festivities. You may not be surprised to learn that very few people will ever own one.

The 50 Year Limited Edition Mustang will become quite the collectors’ item, if for no other reason than its scarcity – only 1,964 models will be made, in a nod to the Mustang’s birth year. It’ll be based on the 2015 Mustang GT fastback, and will only come with all available features. That includes the performance pack, which outfits the car with six-piston Brembo front brakes, 19-inch alloy wheels, and Y-speed-rated Pirelli P-Zero summer tires. This will be the definitive version of the 2015 Mustang.

There are some slight design tweaks, though. There’s more chrome detailing, and there’s a new axel spin finish on the instrument panel. Cashmere stitching is all over the interior, and the steering wheel and seats are covered in leather. And, just to make sure you know this isn’t only for show, there’s a 5.0-liter V8 engine providing 420 horsepower and 390 lb.-ft. of torque inside, too. And, like so many little certificates of authenticity, 50 Year Limited Edition badges will be scattered around the inside and outside of the car.

There will be some choice for the lucky 1,964 that get one of these Mustangs, but not much. They’ll be able to pick between Wimbledon White and Kona Blue, and between a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic. The 50 Year Limited Production will be among the first Mustangs off the line this year when the 2015 Mustang goes into production this fall.

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